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Spanish Course + optional Galapagos Tour


Learn Spanish with fun and Let Galapagos exceed your expectations.

Spanishcourses 2023

30 class hours
Place: Puerto Ayora - Galapagos-Ecuador
Levels: Beginners A1 und Intermediate

Cours: 30 teaching hours and includes  2 excursions exploring surrounding beaches and landscapes.

7 Days-Accommodation + breakfast

Galapagos Tour 2023

by Pablo Merchan, Pto Ayora  Sta. Cruz

Start: Puerto Ayora Isla Santa Cruz

 includes Galapagos Tour Guide + Twin Room accomodation on the catamaran, (non - alcoholic) beverages + food for the whole tour

Got questions? Write us a short mail to - we'll make sure you receive an answer in the next 24 hours

The enchanted Islands

Explore the hypnotizing Galapagos Islands with incredible close encounters with sealions, iguanas, galapgos turtles, blue-footed boobies and many more. This islands will effect you deeply.

Walk on nearly untouched white sand beaches and discover the sheer endlesness of beauty whilst walking across volcanic or paradisal landscapes.

Take a dive from the catamaran and you'll be snorkelling with sea lions, sea turtles, penguins and harmless white – tipped reef sharks. See for yourself how nature's history and evolution comes to life in front of you.

Let Galapagos exceed your expectations.

a Galapagos tour on the catamaran


During the stay on the catamaran, we will be visting the following natural landscapes amongst others




Bachas Beach

Ciudad Mantas/Cabo Marshall Isabela Island


Albermale Point Isabela Island


Espinosa Point Fernandina Island


Vicente Rock Isabela Island


Albany Rock James Island


Rabida Island


The Chato Ranch

The catamaran accommodates 16 people in 8 large double cabins, with 4 twin size beds, 2triples and 2 singles beds each equipped with electric baths, hot water showers, air conditioning, electricity 12 and 120 volts. It also has dining areas inside and outside, complete navigation equipment, solar panel with which all instruments and systems are working the boat, which makes it completely ecological.

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